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We Always Fight For Your Justice to Win

International Advocate Law lawyers work across sectors and borders in more than 40 countries worldwide to deliver advice to you wherever you operate.

We see ourselves as more than just legal advisers.

We are your business partners. Our focus is on helping you mitigate risk and benefit from innovation, enabling your business or organisation to thrive.


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Our Legal Attorneys

Richard Anderson

Civil Lawyer

“ Richard Anderson is a civil lawyer, with over 20 years of practice in civil matters. ”

Richard Anderson Civil Lawyer

Jefford Maxillin

Business Lawyer

“ Jefford is an expert business attorney commited to help you attained your goals and proffer practical legal solutions to business issues. ”

Jefford MaxillinBusiness Lawyer

Li F. Wang

Criminal Defense

“ Retired Field Marshal Wang, in his service at the Chinese army is a criminal defense personnel. Now he brings his practices to bare. ”

Li F. Wang Criminal Defense

Fred Grant

Insurance Lawyer

“ Fred Grant understand the business of insurance as well as the insurance sector. ”

Fred Grant
Fred Grant Insurance Lawyer

Allen Cameron

Divorce Lawyer

“ Allen is a divorce lawyer, providing strategic legal advice and proactive support. “

Allen Cameron
Allen Cameron Divorce Lawyer

Nancy Cooper

Estate Lawyer

“ Nancy is your go to attorney who litigate on matters related to estate, and properties. ”

Attorney 7
Nancy CooperEstate Lawyer

Simon Scott

Employment Lawyer

“ Simon is dedicated in handling the most labour law arising, resolution of disputes as well as personal injury cases. “

Simon Scott Employment Lawyer

Dwright Bagolore

Bankruptcy Lawyer

” Dwright is an expert attorney dealing on bankruptcy cases and strategic debt control. ”

Attorney 8
Dwright Bagolore Bankruptcy Lawyer
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